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UBN·Award Ceremony

《Meituan-Dianping Award Ceremony in Hong Kong of 2017》

150 Restaurants Participate In It

UBN Limited gave the prizes to the restaurants who are popular among the users of Meituan-Dianping. 60 restaurants got the ‘Certificate of popularity for the year 2017’, 24 restaurants got the ‘Star Restaurants’ and 15 got the ‘Must Eat Restaurants’ by which Meituan-Dianping hoped to encourage the excellent restaurants.
We promoted the Meituan-Dianping services and Wechat Pay with consulting area inside. The food & beverage merchants can know about marketing methods. We also printed the QR code free for them and hoped to have more cooperation opportunities.

In 2015, Meituan merged with Dianping to become ‘Meituan-Dianping’. Founded in April 2003 in Shanghai, Dianping is the earliest website for independent customer reviews and now has become the No.1 consumer information platform in China.

Except for providing merchants information/ consuming comments and discounts, Meituan-Dianping also offers services such as vouchers/ bookings and membership cards.