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Meituan-Dianping provides intensive consumer information to Chinese tourists across the world. We mainly offer travel tips about tourists attractions/ foods/ hotel booking .etc. to travelers in Hong Kong、Macao station and offer marketing plans to merchants including vouchers/ keywords searching/ group buying .etc.
Union business network limted company is a partner of Wechat,Meituan,Dianping and Alipay in the Hong Kong Macao region. MORE >>
Dazhongdianping, an APP for people in mainland China to search restaurants, was founded in Shanghai in 2003. Except for comments for restaurants, the APP also provides discounts/ bookings/ delivery service/ group buying/ introduction for tourists attractions and hotels .etc. It owns more than 200 million active users, more than 800 million comments and 20 million merchant pages with the coverage in 2.5 thousand cities, 200+ nations and regions around the world such as America, Japan, France, Australia, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia. Hong Kong Macao is one of the most popular tourists locations for people in mainland China which brings the figure that there will be average 30 thousand independent travelers use Dianping everyday in Hong Kong Macao. We are focus on the Hong Kong Macao market in order to let the restaurants know about us and promote Hong Kong Macao food.

2024 It is better to chase the wind than to wait for the wind

The original all-out wish to return with full success

Hong Kong 2023 further

2023 Honored, thank you for your support! This award is a recognition of the hard work of our team and our professional competence

As The Loyal Partner to Meituan-Dianping, UBN Limited Got Awards Again And Again!

Though it was hard for Hong Kong during the second half of the year, we kept moving and helping our clients as usual. As the reward, we won the second place among dozens of agencies around the world and gained ‘2019 Excellent Promotions Award’. We greatly appreciate the supports and trusts of our clients and we will do our best continuously to help you gain more. Let’s fight in 2020!

UBN Limited Got Awards Again!

We won one of the only three awards in the year ‘Excellent Partner of 2018’ among dozens of agencies around the world. We greatly appreciate your supports and we promise to provide higher quality and guaranteed services for you. We will try our best and make greater progress!

Meituan-Dianping Award Ceremony in Hong Kong of 2018

The visiting media included Hong Kong Economic Times/ Hong Kong Economic Journal/ Sing Tao Daily/ Oriental Daily/ Takungpao/ Headline Daily/ Aastocks/ etnet .etc. Meituan-Dianping(03690) announced the corporations with 10 local restaurants in order to help them approach mainland market by providing many functions such as group buying/ booking and promotion.

Meituan-Dianping Award Ceremony in Hong Kong of 2017

UBN Limited gave the prizes to the restaurants who are popular among the users of Meituan-Dianping. 60 restaurants got the ‘Certificate of popularity for the year 2017’, 24 restaurants got the ‘Star Restaurants’ and 15 got the ‘Must Eat Restaurants’ by which Meituan-Dianping hoped to encourage the excellent restaurants.

UBN Won ‘Local Brand Hong Kong Awards’ In 2018! Congratulations!

The second ‘Local Brand Hong Kong Awards’ ceremony was held in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center on 25th Aug, 2018. Brands from multiple industries such as IT, software, finance, education, publishing, retails .etc participate in the selections.

Media In The Award Ceremony

The visiting media included Hong Kong Economic Times/ Hong Kong Economic Journal/ Sing Tao Daily/ Oriental Daily/ Takungpao/ Headline Daily/ Aastocks/ etnet .etc.