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Food & Beverage Merchants
Help you to extend brand influence, build the brand image and win public praise in order to connect with customers and increase their brand loyalty

Recommendation On The Top

Your shop will be shown in the front page which enables users to know about you at the first time. You can appeal the customers by this simple but effective way.

Hot Shops

Be shown to the targeted customers by priority and increase the exposure. We will use big data to show what the users love and appeal them with vouchers or promotions.

Multiple Categories

Customers can choose among the categories to satisfy their favors. The advertising shops will be shown by priority and gain abundant exposure.

Detailed Recommendation

Manage the brand by the accurate information about address, opening time,phone number/ excellent photos/ discounts/ vouchers/ group buying .etc.

Popular Restaurants

Users can book the popular restaurants in advance to get a better experience and order dishes you recommend which will bring you more good comments.

Traveling Tips

Let the customers choose and trust you with beautiful photos and users’ recommendations.

The same content in PC terminal with page on the top, figure analysis, good photos and excellent manuscript to attract more customers.

Hot Food/ Hot Restaurants to promote the characteristics of your restaurants. Showing the environment to attract customers.

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